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Twitter Interview.

This afternoon, @dlwp held a twitter interview with Marcus about his new show The Brig Society. The transcript of the full interview is under the cut. Enjoy!!

Good Afternoon @marcusbrig! How are you today?  #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Very well and more than a little relieved… No Mitt. Phew.

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Hi by the way. How are you?

@dlwp: @marcusbrig Good thank you. Talking of politics, your new show has been on tour a while now. How is it going? #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp We’re gonna change the world… One silly policy at a time.

@dlwp: @marcusbrig Has there been any truly memorable moments of the tour so far? #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp A lady last week (71) was made minister for the elderly. I said what policies would you like? ‘Raise the age of consent to 47’

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp I said why? She said - “I just want to improve my odds.”

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Memorable moments - a softly spoken GP (late 50s) said from a medical perspective shed like to sever Andrew Landsleys head with a biro

@dlwp: @marcusbrig It seems the audience is key to your show? What sort of thing can they expect? #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Comedy… Mostly. Some light indoctrination and mild violence.

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp They should leave having laughed a lot but with the just fire of rebellion smouldering in their bellies. (Extinguish with wine).

@dlwp: @marcusbrig For those who might not understand, what exactly is ‘The Brig Society’? #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Brig Society is a stand up show where We take the government at their word and actually run more of own shit. It scares them.

@dlwp: @marcusbrig How did the idea come about? #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp The Big Society is thin veneer painted over a load of ideologically driven cuts aimed at the poor They dont expect us to really do it

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp I hadn’t written a new show since the coalition began - so it was either do a tour or explode.

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp I’ve been writing the show for the last year… Maybe longer actually. It was time. And it feels good.

@dlwp: @marcusbrig If given the chance do you think you would make a great Prime Minister? #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Oh NO! I’d be terrible. The LAST thing the UK needs is another nobby over privileged, entitled, privately educated posh boy in power.

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp No - I’ll stick to the jokes thanks. Westminster has more than enough of my sort.

@dlwp: @marcusbrig Apart from our own government, what other areas can we expect you to delve into in the show? #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp The Olympics! We didn’t bugger it up! We did it really well. Really really well. Not even Boris ruined it.

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp It was a shame no one realised when he was dangling over that park - that he was a lovely celebratory piñata.

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp I also discuss the delightful flame haired hate crime that is Rebecca Brooks…

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp A bit of science and religion… You know - all the usual hilarious comedy topics.

@dlwp: @marcusbrig We have already established the audience will play a large part in the show, but what can expect to be doing? #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Oh nothing much other than laughing… And if they wish suggesting policies to improve the world… Oh and lending me money.

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp The money bit is pretty important. I’m afraid bankers take a bit if a kicking in the show… Shame that. Eh?

@dlwp: @marcusbrig Alot of people will know you from TV, are you different live? Are you pretty much what you see is what you get? #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Pretty much. It depends why they’ve seen. I’ve played a singing King Arthur and dressed as an elderly woman on tv. So not that.

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp I rant a bit. I’m pretty passionate & essentially I only tackle subject I care about. I care about politics an silliness. They overlap

@dlwp: @marcusbrig So to sum up, what’s Marcus Brigstocke and the Brig Society and why should people come see it? #BrigSocietyDLWP

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp I’m about to interview Dame Evelyn Glennie (percussionist from Olympic Opening Ceremony) for I’ve Never Seen Star Wars on Radio 4.

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Brig Society is a riotous, silly & funny show and people should come and see it only if they like that sort of thing. If not its cack

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Gotta go - its been lovely. Thanks and see you soon. M x

@MarcusBrig: @dlwp Oh - and I you don’t come and see it I’ll run for PM. You’ve been warned. #TheBrigSociety

@dlwp: @marcusbrig Thanks for talking to us Marcus. See you Friday! #BrigSocietyDLWP

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