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The Brig Society premieres on Wednesday, 26 June on Radio4 @6:30pm!

Uh-oh - comedian Marcus Brigstocke is being put in charge of big old things! Each week, Marcus finds he’s volunteered to be in charge of things like hospitals, the railways, British fashion and even a prison.

He starts out by thinking “Well, it can’t be that difficult, surely?” and ends up with “Oh - turns out it’s utterly difficult and complicated. Who knew…?”

This week, Marcus has volunteered to be the face of British fashion, which is a feather in his cap and coincidentally he’s made his very first fashion mistake right there! But as well as promoting the corduroy cagoule and inadvertently releasing his own fragrance, Marcus will be examining the light-hearted topics of ‘size zero’ models and child labour as well as pondering the inexorable rise of the Ugg boot.

Helping him fail to find the answers will be Rufus Jones (Hunderby, Holy Flying Circus), William Andrews (Sorry I’ve Got No Head) and Margaret Cabourn-Smith (Miranda).

Written by Marcus Brigstocke, Jeremy Salsby, Toby Davies, Nick Doody, Steve Punt & Tom Neenan.

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